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Santa Marta & Dry forest: Photos from our last trip

in November 2023 we had a nice tour in the Santa Marta mountains and the dry forest in Guajira - northernmost extreme of Colombia -

Santa Marta is the world´s largest coastal mountain in the world and it has every type of thermal floor, from the hot-dry to the perpetual snows from which lagoons and rivers are born, all at 3,000 meters above sea level.

Below 2800 meters the soil is more fertile, and tropical forests dominate the horizon, shade ground coffee and birds lives togheter in harmony. Northern from these mountains, the Guajira peninsula is located, is the dryest area of Colombia, not only different birds and wildlife but also culture and lifestyle changed dramatically.

here, a short recap though our images, enjoy them.

Bay-headed Tanager, the local sub-specie does not show the turquoise color.

windy in front of the Caribe, watching literally thounsands of shore birds, including many migrants.

The endemic Santa Marta Brush Finch, posing for the camera.

a breathtaking Lazuline Sabrewing in the mountains

The Colorful Blue-naped Chlorophonia is just astonishing

Singing under the rain. yes it is a rain forest up there!

The Beautiful Rusty Flowerpiercer

Our new friend watching for first time a Great Potoo through the scope.

a little beauty, the endemic Santa Marta Woodstar

Feast time! Santa Marta White-fronted Capuchin eating Cecropia fruits.

Leaving the mountains and driving in the dry forest area, this woman and her mule carrying the supplies.

Yes, he is the king, locally known as Rey Guajiro, the Vermilion Cardenal.

One of the most eye-catching hummingbirds. Shining-green Hummingbird

Playing with shorebird

Two professional skulkers. Top photo the range restricted White-whiskered Spinetail, Bottom the endemic Rusty-headed Spinetail

On the way to watch something special, walking near the mangrove.

The elusive Mangrove Rail

few photos from the boat ride in Guajira area

Specialties of the dry forest: Orinocan Saltator, the always difficult Tocuyo Sparrow and the Buffy Hummingbird

Last birding session of the trip

Crowned Woodnymph.

Saying good bye to the Caribbean area of Colombia we wil be back for mor remarkable memories.


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