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Colombia is a stunningly beautiful country, top ranked as one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Its biodiversity is due to the geographical complexity within its boundaries: the 3 branches of the Andes, the inter-Andean valleys, Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, the eastern savannas and the Amazon rainforest, make this country a must-see place.

As a reflection of its biodiversity the country’s numbers are extraordinary: nearly 2000 bird species, 4300 orchid species, 3300 butterfly species, 500 mammals and so on! Many of them are endemic to the country or to a particular region where the Andes, the Magdalena River basin and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta stand out.

Colombia is now emerging as a popular, safe tourist destination. In order to preserve the country’s remarkable wildlife and fragile ecosystems, a network of governmental and privately protected areas have been established throughout the country, providing eco-tourism and the perfect place to enjoy the natural jewels of Colombia.


Tanager Photo Tours is a 100% Colombian company with years of experience in the field, working with community-based tourism, birds, wildlife and nature photography. We are really passionate about conservation, nature, culture and high-quality service. Our co-founders are highly skilled in wildlife, photography and ground logistics with excellent relationships with the locals. We’ve assembled all these elements in such a way that we can only provide you top quality service.

As a family business, we have the capacity to adapt our operation to the specific needs of our customers. We deliver innovative, tailor made options and offer new and better experiences to satisfy and exceed your expectations. This is what makes Tanager Photo Tours a leader.

At Tanager Photo Tours we work with local talent, supporting community-based tourism, hence, promoting the local economy by protecting the native resources and products. This benefits the local communities in Colombia and supports the country’s development.  

  • Small Group Size to provide you with an immersive experience

  • Customized and Personalized experience

  • Exceptional destinations

  • All inclusive itinerary

  • Easy pace for all different levels

  • Working with local talent

  • Ethical practices

  • Conservation based

  • Unforgettable memories

  • Photography or pure birdwatching

birdwatching and photography in Colombia


Alejandro Pinto birdwatch and wildlife photographer

Alejandro Pinto

CEO & Tour Leader

Alejandro is a professional biologist with a specialization in birds, a professional licensed guide and a part time bird and wildlife photographer. Since an early age, Alejandro was interested in wildlife and birds. His love for nature led him to study biology and birds, with a focus on bird ecology. Since college, photography was always a part time passion that he combined with field trips all over Colombia, South and Central America. From 2012-2015 his time was divided between research projects associated with wildlife & birds and leading tours and birdwatching trips. Since 2016 he served as Chief of Ground Logistics and as a tour leader. As an expert bird and wildlife guide he has worked for some of the most renowned companies: Manakin Nature Tours, Victor Emanuel Nature Tours, Holbrook Travel, World Wide Quest among others. His collaboration on several bird books is still growing as well as his scientific papers and publications. Alejandro shows great knowledge in the field and he has a great sense of humor, making guest feel welcome and comfortable.

Lina Rueda, ground logistics birdwatch tours

Lina Rueda

Co-founder and chief logistics

Lina is a professional in hotel management with a passion for gastronomy. Lina has dedicated part of her life between hotels and catering, making logistics her main aim. She is now a ground logistics expert and establishes good relationships with all members of the supply chain. She is passionate about nature and outdoor activities. Her hobbies are forest trekking and mountain biking. She is always open to helping our customers and establishing the necessary relationships for smooth tours.

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