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Atlantic forest

Brazil is undoubtedly one of the world’s top birding destinations, with approximately 1800 resident or regularly visiting bird species and 250 endemics mostly restricted to the Atlantic forest.
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Arrival: Sao Paulo

Departure: Sao Paulo

Group: 1-6 pax

Peace: Moderate




One of the country’s richest habitats is the much-depleted Atlantic Forest which originally covered 1200 million km2 along the Atlantic coast of South America, however, only ~ 12% of the original forest cover remains, mostly in small and isolated forest fragments and as a result, the Atlantic Forest has a high concentration of threatened and endemic bird species, being the most renowned neo tropical hotspot for endemism.


  • Sharpbill

  • Sharp-tailed Streamcreeper

  • Green-crowned Plovercrest

  • Black-hooded Antwren

  • Pin-tailed Manakin

  • White-necked Hawk

  • Gilt-edged Tanager

  • Brassy-breasted Tanager

  • Red-breasted Toucan

  • Crescent-chested Puffbird

  • Red-necked Tanager

  • Black-hooded Berryeater

  • Spotted Bamboowren

  • Saffron Toucanet

  • Brazilian Ruby

  • Black and Gold Cotinga

  • Green-headed Tanager

  • Spot-breasted Antvireo

  • Buff-throated Purrpletuft

  • Slaty Bristlefront

  • Spot-billed Toucanet

  • Marsh Antwren

  • Brazilian Tanager

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Day 01

 Arrival Sao Paulo, Guarhulos. Night at Guarhulos int. airport

Day 03

 Full day birding and photography at Legado das Agua

Day 05

Full day birding and photography at Salesopolis

Day 07

Ubatuba area full day

Day 09

Morning birding and photography at Paraty area. midday 4h transfer to Itatiaia

Day 11

Morning at Agulhas negras road. midday 3h transfer to Pindamonhangaba

Day 13

Campos do Jordao area full day

Day 15

International flight from Sao Paulo, Guarhulos int. airport

Day 02

Early transfer to Legado das Aguas, afternoon birding and photography

Day 04

Morning at Legado das Aguas, midday 4h transfer to Salesopolis

Day 06

Morning at Salesopolis, midday 4h transfer to Ubatuba

Day 08

Ubatuba area full day

Day 10

Birding and photography Itatiaia area full day

Day 12

morning at Pindamonhangaba, then 2h transfer to Campos do Jordao

Day 14

Campos do Jordao full morning, afternoon transfer to Sao Paulo - Guarhulos airport area

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